Boltless Roof Panel Machine

19 Aug

Beam Standing Roll Forming Machine

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Boltless Roof machine

1 set


FOB Shanghai


Boltless roll forming machine

Technical parameter

  • Passive uncoiler 5 ton
  • Main motor power:5.5KW
  • Motor power of hydraulic station:5.5KW
  • Forming station: about 20 stands
  • Main machine size:8.5 m×1.2m×1.25m
  • Forming speed: 10m/min
  • Diameter of roller shaft:¢76mm
  • Raw material width:1000mm
  • Roller surface coating with chrome:single face≥0.05mm
  • Forming thickness:0.4-0.8mm
  • Profile according to GB/T12755-91 standards
  • Material of cutting blade: Cr12
  • Frequency: taiwan
  • Computer (PLC)
  • Computer operation board: OP320A


  • Uncoiler, forming unit, cutter, PLC ,hydraulic station,output tables

Flow chart

  • uncoiling→guide feeding→roll forming→cutting after set length→output

Main structure and features

  • Frame of machine is  type steel,milling by big gantry milling machine,keep the leveling and hardness of machine.
  • Main shaft adopted fine 45# steel, heating process.
  • Roller adopted 45# forge steel, processed by CNC machine and surface coating with chrome,it have good size precision.
  • Main forming machine adopted cycloid retarder driving,all rollers adopted chain drving, steable and reliable.
  • This machine adopted forming punch cutting, hydraulic driving,action safe and reliable, can sure the final profile front and end of panel effective width same
  • Cutter material Cr12,after heating process, the hardness can reach HRC60°~62°


uncoiling→guide feeding→roll forming→cutting after set length→output

Installation type


Spare parts list for five machines





Feeler gauge


Size spanner


Inner hexagon spanner




Standard spanner


Shifting spanner


Slotted screwdriver


Other accessories


2 Pieces

Chain connector

20 pieces





All goods will be shipped to your country, containers number will be decided with how many machines would you choose

C. Installation of the machine

The individual components of the machine are installed according to the layout and prepared for the commissioning.

The installation comprises of:

-   Installation by Suhang service technicians.

-   The following services are included:

-   Installation of the machine components.

-   Adjustment of the machine components.

-   Connection of all motors to the control cabinet.

-   Installation of the required safety devices.

Delivery extent does not comprise of:

-  Media supply (electrics, compressed air, etc.)to the machine(control cabinet)

-  Raw material process material and fuels

-  Raw material for test blocks

-  Transport and lifting devices

-  Auxiliary staff.

The operators of the plant should be present during the installation in order to become familiar with the new machines.

D. Commissioning of the machine

The components of the machine are commissioned one after the other. At the end of the commissioning the machine is ready for production and is handed over.

The commissioning comprises:

-  Commissioning by Suhang service technicians

-  Training at the machine

-  The following services are rendered

-  Run up of the machine components

-  Testing of all functions of the machine components

-  Start of a fully automatic molding process

-  Execution of machine acceptance

Delivery extent does not comprise of:

-  Raw materials, process materials and consumables

-  Raw material for test blocks

-  Transport and lifting devices

The operators of the plant should be present during the commissioning in order to become familiar with the new machines

E. Our After-Sales Service Commitments

Suhang hereby solemnly promises: We implement the “three guarantees” service policy for any equipments sold by Suhang, provide free of charge installation guidelines, commissioning and maintenance of the equipments, training of the Buyer’s relevant Operators; and provide technical requirements for the installation and operation of the equipments, technical layout diagrams and other related information, provide a lifetime supply of maintenance and spare parts

The detailed measures are as follows:

1.Guidelines for installation and commissioning of equipments:

Based on the actual situation, to assist and guide the Buyer and Buyer’s technical personnel in the overall installation location, the installation of equipments, and provide Buyer with answers to their questions and related issues;

2.Provide training for operation and maintenance personnel:

Based on the Buyer’s request, Suhang will provide free of charge training of the operation and maintenance personnel;

a) The User (Buyer) can send their operation and maintenance personnel to our factory for learning and training;

b) When Suhang is doing the installation and test running of the equipments for the Buyer, the Buyer can send their personnel to participate.

3.If failure occurs in any of the machines during the “three guarantees” period(one year), then, upon the Buyer’s request, Suhang will eliminate the failure;

4. Suhang will inform all its Buyers about any upgrades and significant product improvements. Suhang will provide equipment modifications based on their costs. Suhang will provide Buyers with high-quality after-sales services in a careful and responsible attitude, provide very strong guarantee for the Buyer’s normal production.

We provide quick and satisfactory customer service, and promise to respond within 24 hours after receiving your complaints by phone or email

Assembly and commissioning




One engineer will visit Buyer’s workshop for install, commission and training for 15 days, The customer should ensure the pre-installation being carried out appropriately. The buyer pays the round-trip air-tickets, the buyer pays engineer local cost in buyer’s workshop; buyer has to pay USD100 per day, per engineer.

12 months warranty, Starting from the date of the successful installation and commissioning of the equipments.