Box beam welding equipment loading to Dominican

04 Mar

Racking Shelf beam welding machine

This model is suitable for welding the beams and connectors together, the beams can be P shaped type, or box beam, C type beam, square tube,etc.

Equipment working principle:

The cross beams and column clamps are manually installed → the program controls the cylinder to clamp and fix the column clamps and cross beams → the servo motor drags the welding gun upward to start welding → returns to the origin after the welding is completed → the cylinder automatically pushes out the cross beam, and the welding logic ends.
2) Equipment features:
The PLC program control is simple and easy to understand and easy to operate. It requires low operator education. It can weld different specifications of beams. The welding gun has a profiling mechanism and moves according to the cross-section shape of the beam. The welding effect is good, the welds are uniform, full and beautiful, and the welding strength is achieved at the same time.
3) The welding tooling ensures the welding size, and the beam clamping and fixing device ensures the distance between the column clamping plane and the beam plane.
4) The bearing steel of the column clamp mold is wire cut through quenching, and the claws and holes of the column clamp are positioned simultaneously. After welding, the claw size parallelism reaches more than ±0.5mm, and the positioning of the pin holes effectively prevents errors in the installation of the column clamp.

When you start this machine, you need to set parameters, after that you need to put the connector into the machine, then press auto automatic button, this machine is to weld box beam, it is with 4 welder, also can make step beam and connector together, which save more labors, two minutes can weld 3 pieces beam, and the length can do 4 meters long.

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