PBR panel and corrugated sheet machine shipped to America

02 Mar

PBR and corrugated sheets roll forming machine

This is high speed PBR machine and corrugated machine shipped to Los Angeles, the customer purchased two separate pieces of equipment, and the speed is 30m/min. The equipment is composed of a automatic decoiler, a front cutting device, a laminating device to protect the board surface from damage, main roll forming part,  hydraulic tracking cutoff, and a hydraulic part. For the electrical part, the customer chooses a manual table, but we can also equip it with automatic stackers, it depends on your budget and warehouse size.

Of couse, if you want to save mosts, you can choose two layers machine to make them to save space, but only one profile can be produced at a time, and the machine cannot work at the same time. You can also choose normal speed like 8-15m/min, and we can customize the equipment according to your requirements.

This two lines total needs 3 containers of 40HQ.

3 Sets of Deck Floor Roll Forming Machine Shipped to America in 9 Containers!