Metal Sheet Steel Container Board Roll Forming Machine
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The roll forming system of the container board roll forming machine is composed of a frame, a transmission component and a cold-formed roller set. It is divided into precision wheel rotation molding, which has good forming effect, reduces the friction between the wheel and the raw material, and is convenient and quick to debugging.

1) Material Thickness: 1.5-2.5 mm
(2) Rollers: 20 Groups
(3) Material for Rollers: Gcr15 steel polished and coated with quenching HRC55-60°

(4) Material for shaft: #45 steel after treatment

(5) Diameter of shaft: 90mm

(6) Frame panel thickness: 25mm

(7) Bottom frame: 400 H-section steel
(8) Motor Power: 15kw
(9) Rolling Speed: 8-12 m / min

(10) Driven type: 2"Chain

There are two types of container board roll forming machine: manual/automatic. With manual and automatic switching function: in the manual state, it can perform single machine operation and is convenient for maintenance. In the automatic state, the whole line production operation is started and started in sequence. An emergency stop button is provided throughout the line to handle emergency situations and protect equipment and operators.

Container board equipment workflow (sending blank material) unwinding - guided feeding - roll forming - fixed length cutting - finished product board to manually fix the workpiece, manually roll up, enter the PLC operation page - press "Start "Button - the plate automatically enters - begins to follow the set procedure - after the set size is reached, the device is automatically cut off, and the automatic platen molding of the device is completed.
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